I help busy, working professionals to overcome burnout, take back control of their lives, create balance, find purpose, joy and ultimate fulfillment.

Coaching for working professionals with Cecilia Minano, MD, MPH


Do these phrases sound familiar?

I am so frustrated with my kids, spouse, family, boss or coworkers.

I feel overwhelmed.

I need to do more to prove myself.

I have no time to do anything for myself. 

I don’t like how angry or frustrated I got today.

I feel hopeless.

Bad things always happen to me.

I can’t catch a break.

No one understands me.

I can’t achieve any of my goals.

I have nothing left to give.

I get it...

As a hard working professional, you've sacrificed years of higher education and delayed your own personal gratification to get where you are. Although you have reached your professional pinnacle, you can't help but feel unhappy, frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed. You are trying to balance everything including clinical and/or administrative work, career direction, leadership, work-life integration and even self-care.

It’s not your fault.

Over the years, you learned a belief that self-sacrifice is required to get ahead, no matter the cost, and that being productive is merit-filled. You learned to neglect yourself for the good of others including the larger society.

You might also have deeply ingrained beliefs about yourself, such as self-judgment, self-hatred, perfectionism, and people pleasing behaviors that fuel the need to constantly push yourself at work. It's no wonder you are emotionally and physically exhausted, AKA burned out.

Good News!

You can take back full control of your life, increase resilience, grow your own self-compassion and choose to live with intentionality and purpose. The time is now to learn to manage your brain, to uncover your limiting beliefs, observe them and choose to let go of those which carry a heavy burden and which are not serving you. Although you can’t control external factors and a broken system surrounding you, you can enhance your own internal cues and build up necessary life skills to advocate for yourself and foster meaningful personal and professional growth.

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Cecilia Minano

Life Coach, Physician, Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Trauma Survivor, Primary Breadwinner, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor

Although I seemed to have it all from afar: Ivy league medical training, a thriving career, marriage and family, I was internally very unhappy and unfulfilled as I was pushing myself to the grind.

I did not know the terminology then, but I was burned out after many years of medical training. I had created a harsh, prolonged internal environment for myself which included continual self-sacrifice, not setting appropriate boundaries for myself and trying to live up to unrealistic expectations. It took a pandemic to realize I was overworked, resentful, anxious, self-critical and frustrated with everything and everyone. 

I had given so much of myself to others including my career, that I had no fuel left for myself or those loved ones surrounding me. I was putting others first, working my tail off to be productive, trying to be perfect all within a broken health care system and unconscious default negative thinking from a difficult traumatic past. 

Through extensive coaching, I began to uncover my well-rehearsed negative thinking, found my true inner voice and listened to what my heart desired. I finally prioritized myself and began to question my own deep seeded beliefs, many of which had been taught to me or I had come to believe through my own difficult life experiences. I became aware that my thoughts drive everything and I was seeing everything through a negative lens. I unknowingly was showing up in a negative manner in my day to day interactions that led to even more frustration and burnout. 

In medicine, it is common to have a chaotic and unpredictable day with complex, acutely sick patients, challenging schedules, a complex healthcare system and sometimes difficult personalities. I have learned to lean into my emotions, accept my humanity, practice self-compassion which can sometimes extend to others and then purposefully choose thoughts that uplift me. I learned to have my own back no matter what circumstance I encounter. Through meaningful thought work, my life has been completely transformed for the better. 

Is my life perfect? Definitely not, but I now have more clarity, resilience, self-compassion, meaning and purpose. I choose thoughts that empower me and set the stage for the day. Further, when unexpected things happen, I accept what is out of my control and where I am at, so I can show up less frustrated, more confident, empowered and resilient.

If I can change my life, so can you.

Why Coaching?

Become More Mindful

We have about 60,000 thoughts per day that are circulating in our minds, both intentional and unintentional. These default sentences are based on beliefs taught to us and through our own lived life experiences. We often believe these well rehearsed thoughts about ourselves and see the world with these filters, whether they are positive or negative. We have never even questioned these statements to see if they are in fact true and most importantly, if they serve us.

Identify Your Stressors 

Burn out is a term for an occupational phenomenon of prolonged exhaustion due to emotional, physical and mental stress. Factors that influence burn out are stressful work environments, time pressures, fast work pace, and family responsibilities which then lead to negativism and reduced professional efficacy. At an individual level, it can lead to feelings of overwhelm, self-judgment, negative self-worth, depression, anxiety and hopelessness.

Prioritize What Matters

Coaching is a deeper awareness that our thoughts create our feelings and ultimately our results. It is an evidence-based intervention to create wellness and empowerment within ourselves, to improve our quality of lives despite outward real life and work challenges. You find your own voice, begin to align with your heart and mind to prioritize what’s important for you for self-preservation and ultimate fulfillment.

Coaching Teaches You To:

  • Take back control of your life through learned life skills in thought work, feeling your feelings, time management and goal setting.
  • Empower yourself to overcome limiting beliefs to achieve your desired goals.
  • Prioritize what is important for you so you can live purposefully and abundantly.
  • Learn self-compassion so you can just accept your humanness and decrease judgment of yourself and others.
  • Find joy in your professional and personal life again.

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